Heavy Duty Vertical Hydraulic Tube and Pipe Bender

This tubing bender has a vertical design that makes the unit very compact but still does the big jobs. You get much more with this bender over other vertical benders on the market. The 2" x 4" heavy gage steel tube used for the upright arms are reinforced with 3/8" steel plate offering unparalleled strength against twisting or bending during operation. The 1" pivot pin for the die and thrust arm rotates effortlessly in a 1" heavy duty stainless steel roller bearing. This is a feature unique to this bender and means that the hydraulic ram energy goes 100% towards bending material with no loss for metal to metal binding at the pivot point like other benders. Because of the vertical design you will no longer need a degree wheel. You are able to use a more accurate digital protractor. This will save you time and help keep your bends more accurate.

Our bender is designed to use Pro-Tools 105 Die Sets. If you call Dean at Pro-Tools at 1-813-766-2486 and mention that you purchased your bender from us, he will set you up with a 10% saving on 105 dies.


  When you compare our bender with other vertical benders the biggest difference you'll find is the die pivots on 1" heavy duty bearings. Other vertical benders pivot on a 1" bolt.
Another difference is the 2" x 4" rectangular heavy wall steel tube used for the upright arms. The rigidity of the tube eliminates any twisting that can occur on other units that use 5/8" plate for the uprights.  
  All holes are layed out on the mill for accuracy. 1" steel rods maintain alignment through the entire welding process. Unlike the other units that bolt the arms to the base, our units are welded to assure many years of accurate bending.
Machining the die thrust arms.  
  Welding the thrust arm assembly.
The 3/8" steel plate gussets may be a bit of overkill, but the original bender was built for our shop and I want it to handle any abuse I might put on it. All units that followed retained this overkill because we thought it might be important to others as well.  
  The 1" holes in the upright arms are sleeved with 1" tubing and honed to a 7/8" ID. This guides the 7/8" follower die pin through the rectangular tubing with ease.
Quality enamel paint. Want yours in another color. Just let us know.  
  Final assembly.
The big advantage to the vertical bender is the ability to use a protractor to gage the bend instead of the degree wheel used on most horizontal benders. It is easy to repeat bends more accurately. We use a digital protractor here at the shop but the one shown works quite well and comes with the bender.  
  Our bender is designed to use Pro-Tools 105 Die Sets.


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