Heavy Duty Tow Dolly

Here is a tow dolly we build that fills a need for the person who is looking for a unit that will tow everything from a small car to a large pickup truck. With a cradle that will accommodate a 48" through 72" front wheel base, this tow dolly will tow your Honda Civic as well as your 3/4 ton pickup. The axles, spindles and hubs allow this tow dolly to pull up to an 8000 lb. vehicle. The unit pictured below is limited to 5000 lbs. due to the tongue coupler rated for a 2" 5000 lb. capacity ball.
We also build a unit that will handle up to a 78" wheel base.


Drop axle construction.

1.75" class 84 spindles.

Boxes for skid plates also store ramps when not in use.

Building tongue.

Tongue is removable as well as the top pin and clevis for those times when you want to transport the tow dolly.

The wiring is run inside of tow dolly. Wires for electric brakes are included even if tow dolly was order without them, they could be added later.

Fitting fenders and lights.

Hand winch is bolted to frame and is a great addition when the vehicle your towing isn't running.

Swivel top construction.

Replaceable skid strips on bottom plates.

Deep tire wells aide in securing vehicle to tow dolly.

Easy to access grease fitting on pivot pin.

Tire bonnet ratchet slides from side to side to accommodate vehicle width and then locks in place.

Ready for paint.

Ramps extended.

Ramps slide in the pocket and lock in place with clevis pins.


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