Hydraulic C Clamp

We made this clamp for the purpose of compressing tension springs on the end of cables during installation of vertical storage systems for large, heavy goods. The company had been using large 8" c clamps with the foot notched to allow the cable to pass through. This proved to be a difficult and dangerous task with a c clamp. We made this hydraulic c clamp for safe and easy use in mind. With the number of cables on these vertical storage systems, the clamp also provides a savings in installation time.


Clamp frame was made in a single piece by cutting it out of a 3/8" steel plate with a plasma cutter.

A small 2 ton hydraulic jack was bolted to the frame.

Machined a cap to fit tight on the jack piston. The cap swivels as the cross arm is pushed but swivel is limited by the ribs welded into cross arm for safety reasons. Pictured on right.

There are 2 lengths of tension springs and this tool can accommodate both by moving the swing arm up to the second hole.


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