BMW Windscreen Project

Anyone who owns a BMW and bought parts for it will understand this project.
This R1200c euro model came with a cafe windscreen large enough to protect the speedometer and nothing more. You can't find any after-market clamp on units because of the front end configuration so we wound up at the BMW dealership pricing a stock unit. After adding up every bracket, nut, bolt, lock washer, and, oh yea the windscreen, the total was $685 plus tax!
So I purchased a Hot Shot windscreen and bracket set for a Harley Wide Glide on E-Bay and set out to figure out how to make it work.


Could only use 2 of the fork clamps due to the travel of the shocks up the fork tubes. Under full braking the shocks can travel almost to the stops as seen on the right. So I decided to use the turn signal stems for the second mounting point.

Had to shorten the turn signal tubes and found they were hollow. Machined caps to weld on so I could thread them.

Cut the bottom of the hot shot mounting brackets since I could not use the bottom fork clamp.

Clamped the top fork clamps on the shock stop at top of fork and made aluminum spacers so brackets are at proper width.

Turn signal tubes after welding on threaded caps.

Bolted on windscreen to check for fit.

Repainted tubes to match tank. Polished spacers to match fork clamp.

The euro model has running lights below head light so I used that bracket to mount the turn signals. Had to make aluminum adapters to accomplish this. Removed running light wiring and extended turn signal wiring through the down tube.

All back together.

Ready for the first road trip to test the new windscreen. Worked great and the total cost was $189 for windscreen and brackets. If I break the plastic it will cost $109 to replace apposed to the $450 BMW plastic screen.

By the way, first road trip was to the dealership to show them my new windscreen.


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